group news

New Paper: High-pressure structural studies and pressure-induced sensitization of 3,4,5-trinitro-pyrazole

10 Nov 2023

Can pressure accidentally increase the reactivity of energetic materials? It can! A new paper exploring this effect is now out in PhysChemChemPhys, with our friends at the University of Edinbrugh! 

  Check it out here

New team members!

Oct 2023

Oct marks 1 year at the University of Birmingham, and our team is growing! A huge welcome to our two new PhD students Mateusz and Tahlia, and our MSci students Katie and Peter! 

New Paper: Role of Mechanical Activation in the Polymorphism of Organic Crystals

Sept 2023

Our new paper investigating the role of mechanical activation in the polymorphic transformation of organic crystals by ball milling is now out in Chem. Eur. J! An exciting paper with our friends at the BAM!

  Check it out here

New Paper: Atomistic Mechanism of Flexible Crystals

Feb 2023

Our new paper exploring an atomistic mechanism for mechanically flexible organic crystals has been published in Chemical Sciences! Check it out here 

Faraday Discussion on Mechanochemistry

Sept 2022

Our team had three papers discussed at the 2022 Faraday Discussion on Mechanochemistry! Check them out here.

Welcome Jake!

Nov 2022

Jake has joined the group on a collaborative BAM-Birmingham PhD project to explore the mechanochemistry of battery materials. Looking forward to some exciting science and continued collaboration with the BAM!

ISIS Impact Award 2022 for Adam!

Adam was awarded a 2022 ISIS impact award for his research using neutron scattering and ab initio simulation to study the initiation behaviour of explosive materials. This project, in collaboration with Prof Carole Morrison and Prof Colin Pulham (both U. Edinburgh) and Dr Svemir Rudic (TOSCA, ISIS), has developed new theoretical models to predict explosive sensitivity and opens the door towards in silico design of next generation energetic materials. You can read more about the award here, and an interview with Adam is online here

New paper in Nature Communications

Our paper describing a new approach to follow mechanochemical reactions using time resolved in situ (TRIS) X-ray powder diffraction has been published in Nature Communications! For the first time we can now follow phase composition and crystal microstructure with high resolution, opening new directions in mechanochemical research.

Research highlighted by ISIS Neutron Facility

Our paper 'Predicting the impact sensitivity of a polymorphic high explosive: the curious case of FOX-7', which used the TOSCA instrument at the ISIS Neutron Facility has been highlighted as an ISIS Research Highlight