reactivity of solids

Our group aims to understand how mechanical force can be used to influence the behaviour and reactivity of solids, with particular interest in material dynamics. We have a wide range of interests in this area, spanning mechanochemical synthesis, mechanically responsive materials, and material design. We run an interdisciplinary research programme that spans both computational chemistry and experiment.  

Recent News

Poster Prize for Tahlia!

-May 2024

Congratulations to Tahlia for winning a poster prize at the Birmingham Symposium for Mechanochemistry and Sustainability!

RSC Mechanochem Cover

- Mar 2024

Delighted to see our paper in RSC Mechanochemistry with friends at the BAM highlighted on the front cover of the first issue!

Welcome Mateusz!
- Oct 2023

Mateusz joins the group after completing his MChem at U. Edinburgh, and will be working on phonon dynamics in organic crystals. Welcome!

Welcome Tahlia!
- Oct 2023

Tahlia joins the group after completing her MSci at U. Bath, joining us through the EPSRC CDT in Topological Design to study mechanically flexible crystals. Welcome!

1 Year Since Joining UoB!

October marks 1 year since we started at the University of Birmingham! 

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